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Buy Mifepristone Tablet Online causes quick termination of an unwanted pregnancy. It is anti-progesterone which results in termination of the live embryo and causing instant medical abortion. Mifepristone abortion pill is used effectively to inhibit the pregnancy procedure without harming the individual. It is used in combination with Misoprostol tablet or Cytotec for further expelling of the embryo and causing complete termination of the unwanted pregnancy. It is advised to use the product before 49 days of pregnancy. women can also terminate unwanted pregnancy with the combination of 2 medications, mifepristone and misoprostol. Mifepristone and Misoprostol is also known as Mtp kit.

Mifepristone Mechanism Of Action

Mifepristone online is categorized under the class of Anti-Progestational Steroids. Mifepristone buy online is anti-progesterone which causes blocking of the receptor and softening of the cervix which leads to detachment and further increase in the contractions of the uterine. The process involves restriction of oxygen and nutrition supply to elimination of the live embryo thus causing the termination.

What is Mifepristone used for?

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Mifepristone is an oral tablet. The dosage pattern involves 3 (three) tablets with consumption of all three in one time period on the first day. This results to medical abortion. To confirm the abortion, you are required to consult the doctor after a period of 14 days. Mifepristone medication should be combined with secondary medicines for expulsion of the dead embryo.

Mifepristone Precautions and Warnings

Users are required to consume the product within a period of 7 weeks / 49 days of pregnancy period and beyond the prescribed period; one is required to consult the doctor for further process. Women who are allergic to the components of Mifepristone should consult the doctor first and then opt for consumption.

Mifepristone Side effects

Mifepristone online is a quality approved and checked medication for medical abortion. Users might experience slight headache, bleeding, fatigue and mood swings as mild effects during the course.

Note: There's no mifepristone side effects on future pregnancy.
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