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MTP Kit online is an excellent tablet for medication abortion, number one abortion pill.
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It is a mandate to consume the medicine before ending of first 9 weeks of pregnancy. The two set of medicines Mifepristone and Misoprostol are to be consumed during the procedure, the rest are side-effect solutions that blocks the issue and allow an uninterrupted provision.

Mifepristone: The dose strength is 200 mg and the single tablet is to be consumed orally along with a glass of water. It would be helpful in case the user consumes on empty stomach for quicker benefits. The medicine Mifepristone is a type of solution that performs as a synthetic steroid and causes an early ending of the pregnancy. The medicine causes prevention of the progesterone hormone which later causes breaking of the uterus lining and thus ending the pregnancy with quick effects. Mifepristone is to be consumed at first.

Misoprostol: The pack involves a total of 4 (four) tablets for consumption. Misoprostol is an active secondary medicine that is to be consumed buccally (Placing it under the tongue) and not by chewing / crushing / breaking / swallowing the medicine. The dosage strength is 200 mcg and a total of 4 i.e. 800 mcg is to be consumed after a period of 1 to 3 days of consuming Mifepristone.

The below provided medicines are to be used in case the user finds side-effect issues during the course period of Mifepristone and Misoprostol.
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Buy Abortion Pill Pack Online (also known as “The AB-Pack”) allows one to make the quick decision of ending the unwanted pregnancy and easy termination at the early stage of initial 7 or 9 pregnancy weeks apart from speedy online purchase.

With the advancements in the medical world, the women today are moving ahead of the conventional methods (of that of surgery) of considering an abortion, which are proven to be much more safe and successful. With the discovery of the abortion pills, the process of non-surgical method of terminating pregnancy has been quite a success among women considering an abortion.

The highly successful medicine in today’s time, The Abortion Pill Kit assists to achieve 100 % safe and timely termination when consumed within the first 7 or 9 weeks of pregnancy, compulsorily. The medical pack includes a total of 5 (five) sets of medicines such as: Mifepristone (primary), Misoprostol (secondary), Antiemetic, Anti-Inflammatory and Blood Coagulant Pills. Apart from Mifepristone and Misoprostol, which are the chief solutions for ending the pregnancy, the rest of the medicines are involved so as to allow the user to feel safe in case of any side-effects.

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Ondansetron / Zofran: This medicine is to be consumed in order to prevent vomiting / nausea issue. The dosage strength is 4 mg and assists by actively preventing certain chemicals that causes nausea and vomiting, post the process of pregnancy termination.
Flexon - MR: The medicine is to be consumed so as to actively take care of the stomach aches / cramping issues. It basically works as muscles relaxant and is also recommended for issues such as muscle spasm, pain or any discomforts.
Ethamsylate: The dosage strength is 250 mg and Ethamyslate is a type of haemostatic agent that assists by managing the loss in blood during or post termination of pregnancy procedure. Ethamsylate helps by controlling the excessive bleeding level from the capillaries.
Buy Abortion Kit is a set of medicines that aid women with timely medical abortion just by conducting the process at one’s residence or a privacy space. It is now recommended globally for Non-Surgical Abortion for early pregnancy termination.

Abortion Pill Pack advantages:

No complex issues to future pregnancies: There are no threats or worries to future pregnancies and hence the user can conceive within a short period of time of consuming the abortion pill.
Privacy: The medicine allows the user to conduct the entire course with full confidentiality and hence maintain complete privacy.
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